About Siok Siok

I am a filmmaker, entrepreneur and a CEO of an internet startup based in China

My internet venture is Kinetic ONE, China’s leading multi-channel network with channels focused on youth culture, fashion and lifestyle and parenting and pregnancy.

My latest film project is Twittamentary, a documentary about Twitter, the popular microblogging tool. Leveraging the power of social media, I crowdsourced the stories and videos for the project.

I have previously worked as an executive producer for Discovery Channel in Asia,. The shows I  produced at Discovery have clinched more than a dozen awards and nominations at the Asian TV awards and the Golden Bell Awards.

In 2007, the year before the Beijing Olympics,  I did a lecturing stint at the Beijing Film Academy, where I directed a documentary about the Beijing Olympics with the assistance of my students.

You can follow me on twitter @sioksiok, connect with me on Linkedin or follow my photographs on Instagram. If you are on WeChat or Weibo, you can find me @sioksiok. If you are the email sort of person, you can drop me a note at siok2x[at]gmail.com